Timeline Established For Mopac Expansion at Community Forum Meeting

On Monday, I wrote about the Community Forum Meeting to Discuss Mopac Expansion — a community forum regarding the expansion and proposed changes to alleviate congestion on the Mopac expressway. I attended this drop-in forum on March 6, 2012. The structure of the forum was excellent. Rather than having a specific time for a presentation, representatives from the many groups involved in the project were there to answer your questions one-on-one. Organizations presenting were Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA), the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO), The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot). Other representatives included the construction contractor, subcontractors, and design firms for sound mitigation and landscaping.

Representatives were able to show the precise location of changes for residents along the corridor. Satellite images of each segment of the road with the proposed changes were presented at the meeting. This enabled residents to see the exact changes near their home and subdivision.

Options being considered:

  • None
  • Adding an Extra Lane
  • Add HOV lane
  • Add express/toll lane

The express/toll lane is the likely solution for the Mopac expressway. It will involve reducing the width of the lanes by 1 foot, from 12 feet to 11 feet. According to a planning representative I spoke to, TxDot had considered widening the right-of-way along Mopac in 2000. This plan would have involved purchasing some of the homes along the current route. However, the current plan will be built within the existing right-of-way. No additional land will be purchased for this project. I was curious if any land near the railroad tracks would be used or was considered when designing these proposals.

Another planning representative informed me that this was not a viable alternative due to many factors.

The express/toll lane would have a variable rate pricing structure, enabling individuals to take this toll road when it makes most sense for them. Initial estimates put the cost of these tolls at $0.25 to $4.00. The express/toll lane system would have 2 entrances and exits, rather than a jump on/off layout. The pricing of the variable toll rate system is quite interesting. The toll fluctuates according to usage, but will rise if the speed of the toll lane falls below 45mph. This lane would also be used by mass-transit and emergency vehicles.

The estimated timeline for this project is as follows:

  • March 2012: Open House Meetings
  • Spring 2012: Release Draft Environmental Assessment for Public Review
  • Spring 2012: Public Hearings regarding Environmental Assessment
  • Fall 2012 : Environmental Decision
  • 2014: Design/Construction Start
  • Total Cost: Estimated at $250 Million Dollars.

As you can see from the timeline, there is no quick solution. According to data from CAMPO, the traffic counts across Lady Bird Lake in 2010 for mopac were 214,000 vehicles. The quantity crossing Lady Bird Lake on Interstate 35 is only 175,000. This is the hard data that Mopac is just as bad or worse than I-35. Furthermore, mopac narrows down to two lanes southbound before Cesar Chavez/5th street exit.

Overall, a good meeting and a great structure to the meeting. It enabled residents and other citizens to obtain as little or as much information as they liked about the project. Lets hope that a project gets approved and this roadway gets some relief sooner rather than later. Austin residents waste 44 hours more than the average US Citizen needlessly in traffic. And some of us waste more time than that. I’ll continually post updates later on the progress of this project, as well as on other subjects which affect our city, our lifestyle and our real estate market.

Steve Broyles is a Real Estate Broker and Economist in Austin, Texas. For help with your real estate needs in the Austin area, please contact Steve directly at 512-917-4298.


Community Forum Meeting to Discuss Mopac Expansion on March 6, 2012

Community Forum for Mopac Expansion– Third Time’s the Charm?

For those of you traveling down Mopac recenty, you may have seen the “Open House” signs. This is not a realtors open house. It is yet ANOTHER community forum hosted by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and the Texas Department of Transportation to obtain community input regarding improvements to mopac. Anyone who has lived in Austin for even a limited period of time knows that Mopac has become just as bad or worse than I-35. The Texas Transportation Institute ranked Austin as 3rd worst in the nation last year. (Details at http://mobility.tamu.edu/ums/report.)

And traffic volumes have only increased in the past 12 months. The Mopac traffic count across downtown is 180,000 vehicles per day. This translates to a lot of wasted time and excess gas used on the roadways. And the environmental impact of automobiles is directly related to the quantity of time spent on the road, not lane-miles of roadway. It is estimated that Austin drivers waste about 40 hours in excess traffic. These are hours above the normal rates of traffic congestion.

We certainly need to better solutions on our roadways. And we also need to create better and safer options for cyclists who wish to bicycle for leisure and/or transportation. This debate has too long been structured as an “either /or” question, when it really should be “how much of each”. How many cars can realistically be taken off the road during peak hours? This key factor is generally never discussed. Public transportation in our city isn’t a direct substitute (or even a close substitute) for using your own car, so I would venture that the amount of vehicles which could be removed is very low. In many cities, it is easier to use public transportation than to use your own vehicle. Only then will we see this transition in our city. The rail system, with current ridership of about 900 people a day, certainly doesn’t take many cars off mopac or I-35. Rail systems will certainly always have these issues when population density is below a certain threshold. At least the current trend of building with less sprawl will make public transportation a viable option sooner rather than later.

This will be the third proposal in the past few years regarding these potential changes to Mopac. There were meetings in the fall of 2010 regarding adding the express/toll lanes. This proposed $250 million dollar plan went nowhere. There were also hearings in April of 2007 regarding these same plans.

The four options being considered for vehicles:

  • No Changes
  • Adding an Extra Lane
  • Add HOV lane
  • Add an express/toll lane

For cyclists and pedestrians:

  • A dedicated path from Parmer Lane all the way down to Town Lake.

Let’s hope that we get some solution, even minor, that alleviates some of the traffic congestion on mopac. I will look at the rates of growth in traffic counts in later articles.

The Meeting is being held on March 6, 2012 at the Dell Jewish Community Campus. This is located in the Far West Area.

Dell Jewish Community Campus
7300 Hart Lane
Austin, TX 78731
March 6, 2012 from 4pm-8pm

Additional Details: http://www.mopacexpress.com


HBA Annual Meeting Signals Positive Housing Trend for 2012

This morning Joe and I attended the 2012 Housing Forecast. This is a special event where industry analysts discuss the trends of 2011 and forecast where the housing market is headed in this coming year.

Speakers of the event included Eldon Rude Director of the Austin Market for Metrostudy, Dr. Greg Hallman The University of Texas’ McCombs School of Business and Austin’s favorite weatherman, Jim Spencer KXAN.

From these leading analysts we learned about local and national conditions and how everything from the National GDP (gross domestic product) to the weather affects our local real estate.

New Home Sales Forecasted to Increase in Austin Area

It has been no secret, and the media has repeatedly reported that Texas overall and the Austin market has been insulated from nation’s overall depreciation and economic hard times. Coupled with the news that jobs are being created in Texas, that is perhaps a big part in why it is forecasted that 22,222 additional households will be moving to the Austin area each year until 2020.

What does that number translate to? Well, to pick apart the tons of data we were presented with today, it means that Austin will need anywhere from 11,111 to 13,333 more newly-built homes each year to accommodate for this tremendous population growth.

Remember just a few years ago when everyone was worried that the home builders were over-building? We were all right to worry then.  But, now the data shows that Austin is seeing a steadily increasing demand for new homes because builders are saying ‘no more building more than what we are selling’. In fact, the Austin market is seeing the number of new home sales (closings) exceed the amount of new home starts (construction).  This divergence in statistical trend lines is what is signaling the builders to increase inventory.

Because of the rate people are moving here and because we no longer have an overabundance of new homes, the analysts are predicting a 5% increase in new home builds in 2012. In 2011, the Leander ISD area led the number of new home starts by taking 22% of the market.  Homes in the Austin ISD area took 10% of the new-home-starts pie.

If you are curious about what price range most new home sales are in, it is the $200,000 – $300,000 range. More importantly, I found it interesting to hear that there is plenty of supply and demand in the markets below that price range, but restricted lender guidelines have made it increasingly difficult for buyers in this market to qualify for loans, so the inventory has not been turning over.

Austin Rental Rates Seeing Highest Increase in 25 Years

Going back to the 22,222 people estimated that are moving to the Greater Austin Area, the data from the meeting today estimated that about half of them are renting when they get here.  Some rent for long periods of time; some rent for a year so that they can get a feel of where they’d like to live in the Austin area. This huge supply of renters has undoubtedly already caused the costs of rentals to go up.  So much so, that we’ve seen the most significant increase in apartment occupancy and rents in 25 years.  We agree with this assessment, since almost all of our leasing clients are facing stiff competition when trying to rent homes, and the top rental properties in Austin usually get multiple applications on the first day on market.

These increases in rent will make current renters ponder if it is now time to buy, which will eventually send another surge into the resale and new home market this next year.

What Do The Numbers Really Mean?

So what did the third quarter of 2011 bring Austin? As of November, we had 4.6 months of inventory – meaning we are currently in neither a buyer’s market nor a seller’s market, but a ‘normal’ healthy market. Moreover, Austin had a 1.6% annual price increase reported this quarter.

How the Weather Affects the Austin Market

Jim Spencer of KXAN spoke to us about the weather forecasts. I learned from him that we have tree-ring weather data that dates back to 1550, and this is the worst drought ever seen besides the drought of 1789. We always recover from droughts – it can take a decade, or a surprise tropical system could end the drought overnight. The biggest take away I have for my clients is that, especially with this drought, be sure you are watering your foundation evenly. I cannot stress that enough! By regularly watering your home’s foundation you are taking the right steps toward warding off pricey foundation repairs.

How is the Texas Housing Market Comparing to the Nation?

When you look at the graphs, states like California, Arizona, Nevada and Florida had soared to the top of the graph lines with significant appreciation followed by huge dips down for depreciation; Texas stayed relatively stable and in the middle of the graphs, experiencing no huge swings in either direction.

This further proves that we cannot be compared to the national news.

Additional Stats & Highlights From Today’s Housing Market Meeting

  • Overall, the job market looks healthier, though it may take a while to fill the 5 million job loss void that still exists from the 7.5 million jobs that were lost in 2010. The nation is predicted to gain 200,000 jobs/month. Although this is a step in the right direction, it is a slow rate to fill the loss of those 5 million jobs.
  • Corporations are making money, though focusing spending on capital goods and not labor. The nation needs more labor to really make a comeback. Banks also have less REO and are open to more real estate deals.
  • Nationally, consumers are still worried about jobs and housing and are de-levering, meaning paying off debt instead of buying new things.
  • Our national GDP is back to pre-recession levels! Government support should be stepping in for the lack of consumer spending, but we are not seeing that happen.
  • The takeaway – the economy has less of a capital problem, and more of a consumer confidence problem.

If you’d like for me to send you more detailed information on the 2012 Housing Forecast , or to find out how the recent statistics affect your selling or buying market, contact us today!


Team Ensor is Supporting the CASA Holiday Toy Drive for Travis County

The holidays are a joyful time for many, but for some abused and neglected children, it can be a sad time of the year.  That is why we support the CASA Holiday Toy Drive. 

CASA works hard each year to make sure that these children are given something for the holidays – and this year they are focusing on gift cards so that the older children can have the experience of shopping for themselves and the ever-so-popular Pillow Pets!

Team Ensor is helping to raise awareness for this cause and we are helping to collect these items for CASA of Travis County.  If you would like to help, please contact us.  CASA is taking $30 gift cards to Target and Wal-Mart in addition to the Pillow Pets.

It’s the season for giving and there is not a better feeling than giving a child a reason to smile!


Austin Events Calendar for October 2011

Below is a list of Austin area events scheduled for the October 2011. There is always something fun going on in Austin, which makes it such a wonderful place to live. Here are some of the fun things to do this month:

Festivals and Events

9/30 – 10/2


Downtown, Fredericksburg


10/6, 3 – 7 pm

2011 North Hays County Community Expo &

Resume Drop-off

Business to Business Networking from 2-3 pm

Hays CISD Performing Arts Center, Kyle


10/7, 7:30 pm

Movies in the Park

Hoodwinked Too

Elizabeth Milburn Park, Cedar Park


10/7-8, 6 pm to midnight

Mediterranean Festival

408 E. 11th St, Austin



Texas Mesquite Art Festival

Marktplatz DT, Fredericksburg



32nd Annual Wimberley Gospel Music Festival

See Website for schedule

8400 FM 32, Fischer


10/13, 6 – 9 pm

22nd Annual La Dolce Vita

food and wine festival

AMOA–Laguna Gloria, Austin



Kyle Fair & Music Festival

Thunderhill Raceway, Kyle

10/15, beginning at 10 am

Kyle Founders’ Parade

Center Street, Kyle.



Austin Film Festival

Paramount Theater and various locations


10/22, 7 – 9 pm

Concert in the Park

Don’t Tell Debbie Band

Elizabeth Milburn Park, Cedar Park



Buda Fine Arts Festival

On the greenbelt in Historic Downtown Buda

Visit website for schedule



Austin Record Convention

Crockett Center, Austin


10/22, noon – 7 pm

Food & Wine Fest

Marktplatz DT, Fredericksburg


10/22, 2 -10 pm

Dia de los Muertos

5th Street, Austin

10/27, 6 – 8 pm

9th Annual Boo-da Halloween

Buda Public Library

10/30, 12 – 4 pm

Halloween Carnival

City Square Park, Kyle


Halloween on E. 6th St.

Art and Culture

9/9 – 10/1, Fri. & Sat, 8:15 pm

The Tempest


Emily Ann Theatre, Wimberley


9/30 – 10/1, 8 pm – 10/2, 3 pm

The Mozart Project

Choreography by Stephen Mills

Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Long Center, Austin


10/2, 12 pm

John Philip Sousa

Wooldridge Square Park, Austin


10/6, 7:30 – 9 pm

Mother Falcon

Laguna Gloria Amphitheater, Austin


10/14-15, 8 pm

Holst’s “The Planets”

Conspirare Women’s Chorus +

Narration and images provided by NASA

Dell Hall, Long Center, Austin


10/13, 8 pm


Mongolian music

Bass Concert Hall, Austin


10/18, 8 pm

Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet

Bass Concert Hall, Austin


10/21, 8 pm

Tiempo Libre

Sarah & Ernest Butler Pops Series

Dell Hall, Long Center, Austin



Fri. and Sat. Evenings @ 8:00 pm

Sun. Matinees @ 2:30 pm

Arsenic & Old Lace

by Joseph Kesserling

Wimberley Playhouse, Wimberley



Fri. & Sat. @ 7:30 pm and Sun. @ 2:00 pm

BEEHIVE, The 60’s Musical Sensation

The Georgetown Palace Theatre



10/23, 2 pm

Halloween Children’s Concert

Austin Symphony’s

Dell Hall, Long Center, Austin



10/01, 6:30 pm

Austin Pictures w/ Peter Bay

ACL Live at The Moody Theater, Austin


10/06, 6:30 pm

George Jones w/ Robert Ellis

ACL Live at The Moody Theater, Austin


10/6, Doors @ 8 pm / Show @ 9 pm

Jason Boland and The Stragglers

Antone’s, Austin


10/7, 8 pm


La Zona Rosa, Austin


10/08, Doors @ 8 pm / Show @ 9 pm

David Allan Coe

Antone’s, Austin


10/9, 8 pm

B.B. King & Leon Russell

ACL Live at The Moody Theater, Austin


10/11, 7 pm

Joe Walsh

Bass Concert Hall, Austin


10/14, 6 pm

Dark Star Orchestra

ACL Live at The Moody Theater, Austin


10/17, 6:30 pm

Sara Evans w/ Gloriana

ACL Live at The Moody Theater, Austin


10/18, 6:30 pm

Peter Frampton

ACL Live at The Moody Theater, Austin


10/19, 7:30 pm


Frank Erwin Center, Austin


10/21, 8 pm


Frank Erwin Center, Austin


10/22, 9 pm

Slim Thug

Emo’s, East Austin


10/23, 6:00 pm

Mary Chapin Carpenter
w/ Loudon Wainwright III

ACL Live at The Moody Theater, Austin


10/24, 6:30 pm

St. Vincent w/ Cate Le Bon

ACL Live at The Moody Theater, Austin


10/24, Doors @ 8 pm / Show @ 9 pm

Alexi Murdoch w/ Kishi Bashi

Antone’s, Austin


10/25, Doors @ 7 pm

Mastodon w/Black Tusk & Ancient Wisdom

La Zona Rosa, Austin


10/26, 7 pm

Taylor Swift

Frank Erwin Center, Austin


10/26, 8 pm

Dream Theater

Bass Concert Hall, Austin


10/29, 7:30 pm

Zombie Ball

ACL Live at The Moody Theater, Austin


10/29, 7 pm

Anthrax and Testament

Emo’s, East Austin


10/30, 6:00 pm

David Cook and Gavin DeGraw

ACL Live at The Moody Theater, Austin



Roller Derby, doors @ 6 pm




Calvello Cup Championship

Austin Convention Center


IBM Uptown Classic, 5K & 10K




Frankenthon Monster Marathon

Cedar Park

10/22, 6:45 am – 12 pm

Scholarship Bass Fishing Tournament

Lake Kyle


10/24, 7:15 pm

Monday Night RAW

Rey Mysterio, John Morrison,

The Miz, WWE Divas

Frank Erwin Center, Austin



Chosen: Marathon for Adoption

New Braunfels



Gazelle Foundation Run for the Water 10-Miler,

5K and Kids K



Longhorn Football

Visit web site for schedule



Austin Pub Crawl for Charity Coming On February 26, 2011

Brewing Hope is hosting their Austin pub crawl benefitting charity on February 26, 2011.  We were sponsors of their event last year in Austin, and it was a complete success!  We will be sponsoring their event again this year, and we’re looking forward to it!

We hope you can all come out and support their cause and have a wonderful time.  For more information on the event, visit the Brewing Hope Austin website.  We will be posting additional information as the event draws near!

UPDATE 2/24/2011

The pub crawl event is going to be bigger & better this year!  And, we are proud to be sponsoring FREE FOOD at J. Black’s for all Pub Crawl attendees!  All you have to do is simply come by when your team is scheduled to be at J. Black’s, and head on back to the Cork Room and grab some free grub to soak up those pub crawl suds!  J. Blacks is preparing the food in their fabulous kitchen, so you know it will be delicious!  The menu will consist of a couple of their signature pizzas and also delicious chips & queso — perfect pub crawl fare!

We are pleased to be a sponsor of this wonderful charity event, and we look forward to seeing & meeting you all on Saturday!


Top 5 Local Places to Find Uniquely Austin Holiday Gifts

Austin is known for its culture and style, and the holidays are a great opportunity to give a local gift to your friends and family that reminds them of it.  So skip the Wal-Mart and avoid the dreaded mall madness, and check out some of these locally-owned businesses that are sure to have that perfect holiday gift.  With so many choices, it is tough to choose only five.  But, if I have to choose only 5, here are my picks:

Breed & Co

Breed & Co.

This is the go-to store for when you need ____, but you’re not quite sure where to get it.  When you walk in the main doors, if you go left you enter the hardware department.  If you go right, you enter their arts / crafts / gifts department.  They also have an outdoor area with lawn & garden items.  Surely there’s a great gift to be found here!  Breed & Co is located at 718 W. 29th Street near UT Campus.


SoLa is a locally-owned boutique selling women’s apparel and accessories.  They have a great selection that is updated often: from dresses and tops, to handbags and shoes and I love their jewelry selction.  They have two locations:  one on South Lamar and one in the Triangle in Central Austin.


Aviary started out as a home decor store, and has morphed into something totally awesome.  Now, they have a wine bar in the middle of the store, and on Wednesday nights, they are the place to be!  Nearly everything you see in Aviary is available for sale, and they have a great selection of boutique items.  Although their items most likely aren’t made in Austin, don’t let that sway you from making a stop in here.  It’s a locally-owned boutique, and worth a visit.  Aviary is located at 2110 South Lamar.

Austin Art Garage

Give the gift of local art!  Austin Art Garage features original art by local Austin artists.  Enough said. According to their website, they regularly have over 300 original pieces of art in their studio, and it’s open 6 days a week.  Austin Art Garage is located at 2200 S. Lamar, Suite J.

Parts and Labour


Parts and Labour is an awesome boutique on South Congress.  I think everything in this store represents Austin in a great way, and they have awsesome little stocking stuffers.  They have a great selection of men’s and women’s items, including clothing and accessories.  Parts and Labour is located at 1117 S. Congress Ave.


Zilker Trail of Lights Cancelled, Tree Ceremony Still On

We will miss the Zilker Trail of Lights this year, as it’s been cancelled.  This tradition has always been one of our favorites, especially living in the Zilker Park neighborhood; we had always loved walking down to the trail and enjoying the sights of the holiday season! 

All is not lost though.  They are still having the Zilker Tree and the lighting ceremony takes place on December 5th at 6pm.

The events that take place in Zilker Park are definitely one of the biggest benefits we see living here.  We love walking down to check out ACL Fest, Blues on the Green and other events throughout the year.  Living in Zilker Park and so close to the action makes you feel as though you are really a part of the city, and of course it’s part of Austin’s popular 78704 zip code.

And, you don’t even have to walk down to the park to be entertained.  I find it fascinating to walk around the Zilker neighborhood and look at all of the interesting and beautiful homes.  Since the Trail of Lights is cancelled this year, I’ll be replacing it with my own walk around the neighborhood and check out the lights our neighbors have displayed!

If you’d like to learn more about making Zilker your home, or are a current resident that is looking to sell and needs a Team that is experienced in that area, contact us today!


August 2010 Calendar of Austin Events

Below are some cool events to check out during this record-breaking hot summer we’re having in Austin.


Free Concert in the Park

Sunday evenings at The Long Center, www.thelongcenter.org

Blues on the Green

August 4 and August 18 at Zilker Park, www.austinlivemusic.com

Joan Baez

August 6 at Stubbs www.stubbsaustin.com

Tribute to a Jazz Giant

August 6 at The Elephant Room www.kut.org

Dierks Bentley

August 21 at Nutty Brown Cafe www.nuttybrown.com

The Eggmen

August 27 at Nutty Brown Cafe www.nuttybrown.com

Arts & Expos

Moody Gardens & Galveston Islands

All month at Bob Bullock Museum www.thestoryoftexas.com

Cindi Wright

August 5 at First Thursdays, all of the West End Galleries www.arton5th.com

Cronkite, Eyewitness to a Century

All month at LBJ Library www.austintexas.org

America / Americas

August 5 at Blanton Art Museum www.kut.org

Spaghetti Modern

August 14 at Austin Art Garage www.kut.org

Theatre & Comedy

Kathy Griffin

August 5 at The Long Center www.thelongcenter.org

The Wedding Singer

August 6 – September 5 at Georgetown Palace www.georgetownpalace.com

John Caparulo

August 11-14 at Capital City Comedy Club www.capcitycomedy.net

Cyndi Lauper

August 10 at The Paramount Theatre www.theparamount.org

Maggie Mat & Bryan Gaar

August 13 and 14 at The Velveeta Room www.thevelveetaroom.com

Sports & Outdoors

Deep Eddy Pool Movie Night

August 7 and 14 www.ci.austin.tx.us/parks/pools_special.htm

Maudie’s Moonlight Margarita 5K Run

August 5 at Johnson Creek Trailhead www.runtex.com

How to Manage Garden Insects

August 21 at LCRA Redbud Center www.tcmastergardeners.org


August 28 at Fiesta Gardens www.runtex.com

Other Fun Events

20th Annual Lake Travis Flight

August 7 at Mansfield Dam www.centraltexasballooning.com

Austin Bead Society Bazaar

August 7 and 8 at Palmer Events Center www.kut.org

Tour Casa Neverlandia

August 8 in South Austin (reservations required) www.keepaustinweird.com

American Idol Auditions

August 11 at Frank Erwin Center www.uterwincenter.com

Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Circus

August 18-22 at Frank Erwin Center www.uterwincenter.com

Annual Tax Holiday

August 20-22 at Retail Stores www.window.state.tx.us

Identification Day

August 29 at Texas Memorial Museum www.kut.org



Builders and Realtors to Host Community-Wide Open House in Teravista on Sunday, June 27, 2010

Teravista Community Open House to Showcase 40 (yes, forty!) Homes

Realtors and new home builders are teaming up together to host a community-wide open house this Sunday, June 27, 2010 from 1-4pm in Teravista, a golf course community in Round Rock, Texas.

Excerpt taken from our Press Release on the event:

“In Teravista, homes are listed for sale by numerous Round Rock real estate brokerages and agents. Today’s modern real estate brokerage understands the power of a team effort, and will often participate in collective efforts such as this to help their sellers home get noticed. “It is a buyers market, and sellers desperately need exposure to get their home sold. This is a wonderful way to get that exposure.” said Shannon Ensor, principal of Team Ensor at Sky Realty.”

Developer, Lender Show Their Support

Newland Communities, the developer for Teravista, has expressed an interest as a result of our marketing efforts, and we are thrilled to have their participation.  Newland will be providing us with use of The Ranch House at Teravista as a place for visitors to relax, and John McClellan of Supreme Lending will be providing a free BBQ lunch. Lender representatives will be on-site to answer mortgage-related questions and to pre-qualify any potential buyers.

List of Participating Teravista Homes For Sale

Below is the growing list of Teravista homes for sale that are going to be open to the public.  All prices are deemed to be accurate but are not guaranteed:

Property AddressList PriceListing Agent / Builder Representative
1694 Greenside Trail$187,000Shannon Ensor, Sky Realty | Team Ensor
1712 Greenside Trail$258,192Centex Homes
1713 Stonehaven Lane$219,000Nancy Moore, Keller Williams
4215 Meadow Vista Trail$277,900Carol Chafin, C-21 Summit
1105 Winding Creek Place$238,900Paula Thomas, Prudential Texas Realty
1129 Winding Creek Place$255,880Janet Murdock, J.B. Goodwin
4210 Flat Stone$176,500Teresa Roberson, Private Label Realty
531 Centerbrook Place$244,000Katherine Ditchman, Coldwell Banker United
4119 Hidden View Court$169,500Shelly Finleon, Canady Realty
1011 Hidden View Place$237,900Doug Mellen, Hill Country Lakes Realty
4124 Green Vista Place$284,900Pat Gunter, Re/Max, Capital City III
706 Old Ravine Court$298,000Sabrina Butler, Re/Max, Heart of Texas
1723 Woodvista Place$249,900Shannon Black-Hartzell, Market Point Realty Services
1733 Woodvista Place$260,000Karnika Campbell, J.B. Goodwin
4300 Parkvista Trail$319,000Rose Brown, 98th Meridian
1607 Greenside Drive$206,071D.R. Horton
1616 Greenside Drive$186,032D.R. Horton
1618 Greenside Drive$192,014D.R. Horton
1620 Greenside Drive$189,133D.R. Horton
4210 Fairmeadow Drive$224,990CastleRock Communities
4235 Fairmeadow Drive$215,330CastleRock Communities
4237 Fairmeadow Drive$224,520CastleRock Communities
4215 Windberry Court$265,283CastleRock Communities
4284 Ridgebend Drive$331,900Buffington Homes
4286 Ridgebend Drive$314,970Buffington Homes
4297 Ridgebend Drive$353,150Buffington Homes
4520 Wandering Vine Trail$239,900Cheri Alderman, J. Paul Real Estate
4497 Wandering Vine Trail$304,024Lennar
2107 Green Tree Cove$398,500Faith Laciste, National Agent Network
1916 Kempwood Loop$251,038Wilshire Homes
1942 Kempwood Loop$294,480Wilshire Homes
4531 Monterosa Lane$343,820Ryland Homes
4533 Monterosa Lane$308,169CastleRock Communities
2013 Sunny Trail$250,002Lennar
1908 Summit Hill Drive$268,082Lennar
1910 Summit Hill Drive$248,670Lennar
2000 Sunny Trail $248,270Lennar
2008 Sunny Trail$280,004Lennar


Please contact us for additional information on the Teravista community-wide open house, and be sure to clear your calendar for this educational and fun-filled event!