Fion Wine Pub in Steiner Ranch Closed

We have just confirmed that Fion Wine Pub, located in Steiner Ranch, has officially closed its doors.  Through an email correspondence with the manager it was confirmed that they have permanently closed, citing issues with the current business model in that location.

This was a great restaurant and a cool place to enjoy a meal or a few glasses of wine.  Steiner Ranch will surely miss having Fion Wine Pub in their neighborhood.

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  1. As regular customers of Fion in both locations (Bee Cave and Steiner), my husband and I can report that the flow of business there before the most recent ownership was strong. They had happy customers who were willing to share the news.

    It was not until Fion began to change their menu profile, doubling or tripling prices on some items and reducing portions, that the problems began. In concert with that was the extreme inconsistency of the food quality – sometimes it was stellar, other times terrible.

    When Fion remained focused on what their customers really wanted – a quiet, comfortable neighborhood pub dedicated to an eclectic beer and wine selection with fairly upsclae bar food, they excelled.

    We are very sorry that the new owners ran so far off the mark, and failed to listen to their customers. It is very easy to blame previous administrations for problems that are actually your fault. Hope they learned the real lesson for future business endeavors.

    We will miss the venue!

  2. The new owner was a dunce. My wife and I were regulars at the Bee Cave location and the guy introduced himself to us no less than 4 times. One of the first things to know about owning a bar is that the regulars sustain it.

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