We’ve all heard the saying that real estate is about three things: location, location, location! And it’s so true, particularly in Austin! Once a small town, Austin has quickly grown into a metropolis. The latest demographic estimate we saw reported that within the next 5 years, there are estimated to be at least 25,000 people per year moving to the Austin metro area. As of January 2016, several metropolitan studies have shown that the greater Austin area has reached 2 million residents.

Like most robust cities, Austin is quite spread out and the style of homes and neighborhoods will vary by location. To helpl  simplify things for our visitors, we have broken down Austin’s most popular areas into the following neighborhood guides.  Each guide will have current MLS listings, demographic information and blog posts to give you a better feel for what’s happening in each part of town. Ready to learn all about Austin? Let’s dive in!

Neighborhood Guides

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Popular Neighborhoods in Greater Austin Area