NACA Program Helps Low to Moderate Income Families Achieve Home Ownership

In addition to loan programs like Bond 77 and USDA financing, there is yet another program that is out there for the consumer in need of assistance buying a home. NACA, a non-profit organization and consumer advocate, offers free services to the consumer. NACA offers both a Purchase Program and a Home Saver Program. Best part: it’s all free.

NACA Purchase Program

The Purchase Program is for the low to moderate income community. It offers loans with no down payment, no closing cost fees, no fees whatsoever! The NACA Purchase Program is funded with $10 billion dollars in mortgage money to loan to consumers. Interest rates are competitive, and can even be below the current market rate.  NACA works particularly well with new home builders. Since NACA loans carry no fees, require no down payment, and have no closing costs, any and all of the incentive money that builders offer can be put toward rate buydowns to even further lower the cost of home ownership.  Based on a 40 percent debt to income ratio, the mortgage company will only approve what a consumer can afford.  NACA will also approve loans with less than perfect credit.   For consumers who are really serious and want to purchase a home of their dreams, but have been stonewalled by typical buyer restrictions, this mortgage program could be just for you. 

NACA Home Saver Program

For those who fell victim to predatory loans or perhaps are caught upside-down.or are otherwise having trouble keeping up with their mortgage payments, the NACA Home Saver Program may be the solution for you.

How To Qualify for NACA Programs

If you are interested in these programs, or would like additional details regarding how to qualify, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We are here to help you achieve your homeownership goals, and to make you a more informed consumer.

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  1. can the naca program only work for purchase with a condo or multi- unit property? can it work on a home restructure that is a single family unit property not a condo?

  2. what is the income level threshold to qualify?

  3. I am single mom, and somenone told me you going to have a meting on dec.18. but we aren’t what time , in where?? is this program available for new houses??

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