According to the Austin Board of Realtors (ABOR), the number of home sales in Austin shot up 38% this October when compared to last October.

Austin Homes Sold

In October 2009, there were 1,823 homes sold, which represents a 38 percent increase from the 1,322 homes sold in October 2008. They stated that the median price of Austin homes sold in October 2009 was $182,000, which represents a five percent decrease from October 2008.  ABOR did not release the amount of these homes that were distressed sales, as this particular study only evaluated the total volume of sales.  However, they did mention that total dollar volume was $434,975,092 for single family homes — a 35% increase from 2008.

The report states that at the start of 2008, the number of home sales in Austin was down considerably when compared to 2008.  That volume gap began to tighten in July when year-to-year volumes equalized, showing signs of improvement in the overall Austin housing market.

Austin Real Estate – October 2009 Statistics

•$434,975,092 – Total dollar volume of single-family homes sold, a 35 percent increase from one year ago.
•$182,000 – Median price for single-family homes, a five percent decrease from October 2008.
•1,823 – Single-family homes sold, up 38 percent from the same time last year.


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