Today we participated in the Cedar Park Real Estate / Broker Property Tour, and got a chance to see first-hand a sampling of the various homes for sale in Avery Ranch, Vista Oaks, The Ranch at Brushy Creek and Davis Springs.

Why Are Broker Property Tours Important?

Broker Property Tours are great for both listing agents and their selling clients. For listing agents, it offers a great opportunity to network with your peers and showcase your property to other agents who may have a client. For sellers, having your home on the Property Tour is invaluable. The listing broker receives feedback on your home from all of the other listing brokers in the area, and that feedback is key to getting your home sold.

What is Hot, What is Not

Having a group of Austin Realtors together is always an interesting experience. Today, we spoke to our peers about their experiences with buyers on what is selling today, and what is not.

So what are buyers looking for and making offers on in the Cedar Park area right now?

Based on today’s tour, buyers are more demanding than ever. They want hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, large yards, and everything in tip-top condition. They want a turn-key house that requires little work. Home improvement television shows are more popular than ever, and unfortunately, they have given buyers the perception that home improvements cost 200%-500% more than they actually do.

What are buyers specifically avoiding?

Buyers are not interested in homes that aren’t priced appropriately. When it’s a buyer’s market, homes have to be priced correctly or they will not generate offers. You cannot start high and slowly grind lower expecting to generate offers. You have to make your home sale-ready, and price it aggressively.

How To Get Your Home on a Cedar Park Broker Tour?

To get your home on the next broker tour in your Austin area, you’ll need to list your property with a Realtor who is willing to participate. In order for a listing to be on the tour, the listing has to be accepted by the tour sponsor AND the broker must be present for the tour to showcase the home and answer questions.

We at Team Ensor + Austin Real Estate feel that broker tours are ESSENTIAL to selling homes, and we always add our listings to as many tours as we can get them on. It’s part of our marketing campaign, and the feedback is much appreciated by our sellers.


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