Significantly good news for Waterfront property owners this week. Whether you are looking to sell, or simply ready to use your waterfront property, we have had an exceptional week. Lake Travis is up 7 full feet, and Lake Buchanan is up a foot and half. Lake Buchanan is only 24 feet below full capacity. Lake Travis is now at 639.46 feet, which is 41.54 feet below full level. The boat ramp at Mansfield Dam is now usable, and with approximately 15 more feet of water in Lake Travis, most boat ramps will become usable. For property owners on Lake Travis and Lake Buchanan, this is the beginning of the end of the drought. The Highland Lakes are almost 50% full at this time. The new measures regarding water management are beginning to take shape.

Over the last twelve months we have seen only a downward drop in lake levels and a reduction in volume since April 2011. However, the current lake level, 639.46 feet, is well above the projections made by the LCRA on February 28, 2012.

Lake Buchanan and Lake Travis Level Chart

Reservoir Level When Full Current Level Volume When Full Current Volume % Full
Lake Buchanan 1,020.00 995.93 876,000 431,000 49
Lake Travis 681.00 639.46 1,135,000 533,000 47
Combined Reservoir Total n/a n/a 2,011,000 964,000 48

Check back for continued updates on Lake Travis and Buchanan conditions, as well as other local and regional matters which affect the real estate market. Steve Broyles, Real Estate Broker represents buyers and sellers of Lake Travis waterfront properties and can be contacted directly at 512-917-4298.


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