Good news everyone, Shadowglen Golf Course will be opening again March 15th! The course is looking absolutely gorgeous! Golf Digest rated it as one of the “Top Best New Golf Courses” in 2004, which is when it first opened. Shadowglen Golf Course was designed by two renowned architects, Roy Bechtol and Randy Russel, and was built by Golf Works, Inc. In 2001, Golf Course News selected them as the National Large Builder of the Year. It’s a beautiful and challenging golf course.

I used to work for Coventry Homes — one of the builders in Shadowglen — that built beautiful homes, many of which were right on the golf course. When people would confess that they were avid golfers, I would always ask them what they thought of Shadowglen Golf Course. I consistently got the same reaction. They would get a wistful look in their eye, sigh, and begin to mutter words of praise. The words beautiful and challenging consistently came up.

ShadowGlen is wonderful community. Its close proximity to Austin, the Schlitterbahn style community pool, beautifully built homes, impressive landscaping, the hike and bike trail and greenbelt areas are some of the things that make it a desirable place to live. But I think most would agree that the Golf Course is one of the main contributions to ShadowGlen’s success and quality of life.

Shadowglen Golf Course has played a vital role in the Manor community. I hope the Austin community as a whole will celebrate the re-opening and show them continued support. Good weather and great golf is just around the corner!


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