A home is, in the end, a product. Many products are sold as is, nothing fancy nothing exciting. When you sell your home like an as-is product, you are likely not going to sell your product for top dollar. To make your home generate interest and be memorable to potential buyers, you need to differentiate it from any other home in the same price range or location.

Enter the Home Stager

Home Stagers organize your home & store away furniture that makes the home look smaller. A good home stager will also request that the homeowners paint rooms in soft neutral colors, clean the home thoroughly, upgrade the landscaping, and even make necessary repairs to make the home move-in ready. In essence, home stagers prepare your home to optimize its value and help potential buyers see themselves living in your house.

I have known staged houses versus non-staged houses to sell upward of 6 percent higher in the asking price. It is very important to stage your home BEFORE you put it up for sale. When your home first goes on the market is when you usually have the most traffic because it is a new listing. After a few weeks on the market, you’ll tend to get lesser traffic. This usually puts the seller in a tough spot where they’ll usually lower their asking price to try to get it sold. This decrease in asking price is usually higher than the cost of hiring a stager. Wouldn’t it make more sense to do it right the first time, and have your home staged by a professional?

Clearly a good home stager will make your home more appealing and desirable, and this makes people more emotionally attached to it, highly increasing the chances of receiving an offer and getting it sold! In my opinion, a great company and professional home stager in the Austin area is Ashley Whittenberger at Interiority Complex.

If you need more information about home staging and the value it adds to your home, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, be sure to check out my website that allows user to search through thousands of Austin MLS listings for Austin homes for sale. As your Austin Realtor, I’ll help you make the tough decisions much easier when it comes to buying or selling Austin real estate.

Do you have experiences with home stagers that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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