Do you know that phenomenon, where something feels like a lifetime ago and just like yesterday all at once? That is how I describe my move from my south-Austin-cool condo to the burbs.

Ah, the good ole days of living in 78704 where Whole Foods was my neighborhood grocer and Zilker Park was my backyard. When we began our family and started considering a move, our friends were shocked, “how can you move from there, aren’t you going to miss it?”

It was scary, moving from the fun hub of Austin where everything seemed to be happening and was truly THE place to be to where homes were a little more cookie cutter and you had to drive most places. We are both Realtors, so knew every calculation of our move and how it was in the very best interests for our family for a dozen different reasons, but that didn’t stop the fear (after all, we are all human!)

Almost two years later I am happy to report we couldn’t be happier with our move and I think it has everything to do with the community we chose: Steiner Ranch.

Steiner Ranch couldn’t be more different from south Austin, but it does have one thing in common – the people here are great. Even though many are transplants from other parts of the country and even the world, you find that Texas friendliness here in Steiner Ranch.

Meeting neighbors here has been effortless and fun. There are numerous social activities throughout the year, such as an Easter egg hunt, camping in the park, block parties for Halloween and so much more. And, on many occasion, my one-hour walk has turned into two while my daughter gets out of her stroller to play with a new friend she has just met in a neighbor’s front yard while I chat with the parents.

That friendly neighborhood feel is exactly what drew us to Steiner Ranch and we have not been disappointed. It was that and the school system that brought us here, as Steiner is a part of the excellent Leander ISD.

You can Google Steiner Ranch and easily see all the details on our vast amenities, such as the pools, parks and trails, and it’s no secret that we have beautiful homes here in Steiner Ranch. But something that I did not know until living here was that the residents in Steiner Ranch are very big into giving – giving their time, their hearts and needed resources to those in need. It is truly heart-warming to live in such an amazing community where you see people coming together literally everyday to help someone else in need. I’ve seen this through our Steiner Serves organization and through other networks where we hear of a family or person in need and instantly people are signing up to help.

One of the scariest factors about moving to Steiner Ranch is that I would no longer be a stone’s throw to downtown Austin. And, unless you’ve never visited Austin, it’s a widely known fact that traffic can be brutal here (with 150 people moving here every day, it’s no wonder our transportation system is going to need some time to catch up). To put it simply, it is what it is. I know I’m no longer in 78704 (where we had our traffic woes as well) and I adjust my schedule to accommodate. I find myself spreading my time between Lakeway/Hill Country Galleria area and the Arboretum/Domain area. And, just like living in Zilker Park, I find that there is always something to do living here in Steiner and being close to the areas I just mentioned.

When we do venture downtown, our friends ask us if we miss it and we reply “a little” and then we look at each other and smile knowing we have a relaxing home with greenbelt views to go home to. And, while our time in 78704 was much appreciated, we are so happy to call the Steiner Ranch burbs our home!

If you are considering a move to Steiner Ranch, I’d love to share my love of the community with you, so send me an email or give me a call today!


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