We have seen an increase in recent interest from prospective buyers of ShadowGlen real estate, located only 15 or so miles away from Downtown Austin.  And it makes sense too.  There is a lot of future growth coming soon to Manor.  Combine that growth with the fact that Austin has been touted in nearly every recent real estate survey. Manor is only a short commute to Austin, and that commute is about to get even shorter.

With that said, here are our top five reasons to consider making a move to ShadowGlen right now before it’s too late:

  1. Big businesses are coming this way: Wal-Mart, CVS, Auto Zone and a medical center are all on its way to Manor. Residents have been longing for more convenient shopping and are excited about these businesses coming their way! Big businesses like this also provide more jobs and help promote a more robust local economy.
  2. The Manor Expressway will be completed in 2014, easing traffic woes and making it even more convenient to travel to and from Austin. ShadowGlen is currently about 25 minutes from downtown Austin, and I would like to predict that the Expressway helps reduce that already relatively convenient drive time.
  3. The Capital Metro just opened their newest Park & Ride in Manor. This is great for those of you who would rather use mass transportation on your way to work (ie, you can text and email on your way into work since you aren’t the driver, and you save gas money!)
  4.  ShadowGlen will soon be getting its very own elementary school! Other master-planned communities such as Steiner Ranch and Teravista have their own elementary schools and those are now Exemplary-rated schools. We have high-hopes that the same would happen for ShadowGlen.
  5.  Rumor has it that the ShadowGlen Golf Course will be opened again soon!

With interest rates still so low and all of these great things happening in ShadowGlen, NOW is the time to buy before prices and rates start to slide back up! There are mortgage programs out there right now that cater to prospective buyers in areas like ShadowGlen, such as USDA and the MCC Bond.  Contact us today for more information about ShadowGlen homes and the opportunities currently available for buyers in this great community.


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