University of Texas students should be looking for UT campus condos and apartments in early spring (right now!) for the upcoming Fall semester. Prices for apartments usually are higher in June and August when students are looking for dorms or places to live during the school year. It’s the law of supply and demand. The students who preleased get their foot in the door to better lodging and prices.

The Cost of Waiting to Lease UT Campus Condos

I recently found an apartment for some students that was very reasonable to rent, but I was quoted one price to rent now and quoted another price if your lease starts in August. When you try to prelease the apartment it jumps up $50-$100 dollars per month or more! The cost in August is even higher for students looking at the last minute. The cost of the everything is going up and everyone including students are trying to get the best price and lodging. The best way to attain this goal is to look now! Get the best price and location because if you wait for June and August you are going to be disappointed when the best locations for the price a lodging are gone. A perfect example of what I am talking about: if you have a UT campus home you would like to lease, if you try to put it on craiglist in July or August you can get it leased the same day because you have many students looking, and you can command a high price.

Ready to Prelease a UT Campus Condo?

Contact me if you are interested in preleasing homes or condos for the fall season near UT, or for other Austin homes for lease.


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