When buying a home, most buyers typically see the home and the neighborhood during the day. Daytime showings are ideal so that you can utilize the sunlight to see the exterior of the home and the yard.

However, it would be wise for buyers to also visit the home and especially the neighborhood at night.  This isn’t to say visiting at night will help you see if there is crime in the area – crime happens day and night and the most valuable tool for learning about crime rates in a neighborhood you are thinking about buying in is available on the city’s website located here

Why I suggest this is because a neighborhood’s character can change at night – by visiting only at day you are missing out on good and potentially alarming things.

Take downtown Austin for example. At night the streets light up in what I consider quite a beautiful way!  The stores along the 2nd Street District seem to come more alive and so does the atmosphere on West 6th Street. If a buyer is looking to live downtown, visiting at night will certainly help motivate them!

There are many other Austin neighborhoods that you wouldn’t notice the commercial and retail space until you drive by at night when all the signs are lit up. A seemingly boring neighborhood during the day can come alive at night!

At the same time, driving up and down the street of the home you are considering purchasing will help give you a good idea if there are many families in the neighborhood with children that play in the yards when they come home from school, and the presence of joggers in the neighborhood at night will be another great indication of the area.

Driving the neighborhood at varying times of the day will also help you learn about the area’s traffic patterns and will tell you if it will be a convenient drive for you each day to and from work.

If you are looking to buy a home in the Austin area, don’t go it alone, call us and we will help walk you through the steps and provide you with many tips like this so that you can make an informed purchase!


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