We will miss the Zilker Trail of Lights this year, as it’s been cancelled.  This tradition has always been one of our favorites, especially living in the Zilker Park neighborhood; we had always loved walking down to the trail and enjoying the sights of the holiday season! 

All is not lost though.  They are still having the Zilker Tree and the lighting ceremony takes place on December 5th at 6pm.

The events that take place in Zilker Park are definitely one of the biggest benefits we see living here.  We love walking down to check out ACL Fest, Blues on the Green and other events throughout the year.  Living in Zilker Park and so close to the action makes you feel as though you are really a part of the city, and of course it’s part of Austin’s popular 78704 zip code.

And, you don’t even have to walk down to the park to be entertained.  I find it fascinating to walk around the Zilker neighborhood and look at all of the interesting and beautiful homes.  Since the Trail of Lights is cancelled this year, I’ll be replacing it with my own walk around the neighborhood and check out the lights our neighbors have displayed!

If you’d like to learn more about making Zilker your home, or are a current resident that is looking to sell and needs a Team that is experienced in that area, contact us today!


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