Buying and Selling Strategies

Timing & the Austin real estate market: does a perfect time exist for a seller to list?

2009-2013 Market Trends for Austin residental real estate sales

Imagine if the housing market was just like Wall Street. Brokers stood on the street corners, wearing funny colored jackets, waiving MLS sheets into the air while yelling, “Buy, buy, buy! Sell, sell, sell!” Of course, there is a lot of research going on behind the scenes and those stock traders have it down to a science on when a …

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Multiple Offers: How to Deal with the Competitive Austin Real Estate Market


You’ve been watching the market and paying attention to how the houses in your neighborhood are performing, so I’m sure you’ve observed the “multiple offer situation” that we’ve been seeing a lot of lately in Austin and in many of the surrounding areas.  A multiple offer situation is usually good news for a home seller, but it’s definitely going to …

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Should Sellers Preview Similar Homes in Their Neighborhood For Sale?

When you are considering placing your home on the market, there is one vitally important step that is often overlooked, but will tremendously help you and your Realtor decide on proper pricing: a face-to-face meeting with the competition. Now, of course you will want your Realtor to provide a Comparative Market Analysis for your home so that you can see …

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Tips When Buying or Selling Austin Homes With Foundation Problems

There are many areas of Austin where homes with foundation problems are commonly found (East Austin, Pflugerville, etc.)  I’ve learned from inspectors that this is mostly due to the type of soil that we have, but it can also be attributed to uneven watering of your yard near your home (or the entire lack of watering altogether.) Selling an Austin …

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