The simple answer: we get results. First and foremost we offer our clients a commitment. We initiate our client relationships by offering trust, experience and information. We compile a large amount of current information about our future clients’ home, condo, lot or building. We use the findings of our data mining and the information we receive from conversations with our clients to ultimately determine the recommended price to market our listings. Examples of this data includes the condition of the subject property, current market conditions in the subject property’s location, and also our clients’ goals and objectives.

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How We Determine the Best Listing Price

After conducting our initial meeting with the potential seller and completing our extensive research of the subject property, we sometimes find that we have several strategies to offer our prospective client.  For example, if we feel that the sale could net the seller a higher dollar amount if they are willing to do certain repairs & renovations, we will provide that information to our sellers. Sometimes those things on the to-do list are simple: clean, de-clutter, paint, etc.  Sometimes they are more elaborate, but can unlock substantial value.

We give our sellers a winning strategy to get their home sold, not just a report saying ‘Your house is worth X.’

We engage our clients in discussion and ultimately let them decide how we should proceed based on their willingness, ability and time horizons. Interacting with our potential clients in this way — providing valuable information based on our professional experiences, and then let our client make the choices — is part of what makes us unique, and its how we will always do business.

Our Expert Marketing Sells Homes Faster

How We Implement Marketing Strategies Specific To Your Property

Our marketing efforts are unparalleled when it comes to selling Austin real estate. Suffice it to say that we leave no marketing stone left unturned. We tailor our marketing program specific to the subject property — no two homes are completely identical, and neither is our marketing campaigns.

We are firm believers in doing it right the first time and measuring results. When it comes to selling Austin homes, that means:

  • HDR Photography
  • Drone Videos w/ Aerial Footage
  • Targeted Facebook Ads
  • Using Technology to Quantify and Maximize our Marketing Campaigns

We ensure that we always reach our target audience as effectively as possible and that your home, condo, or land parcel is extensively marketed to its potential buyers. We use creative marketing strategies that entice buyers to spend more time considering your property. Our internet marketing program that we have created is designed to maximize your property’s exposure to potential online buyers. We have spent countless hours developing and cultivating our marketing strategies, and our results speak for themselves.

On the right-hand column, you will find just a few of the many examples of beautiful homes that we’ve sold all around the greater Austin area. Let us show you how we can get top-dollar for your home too!

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