MLS Stats: Strong Demand, Higher Prices for Sendero Springs

Last year on May 1, 2014, I wrote an article about a neighborhood in Round Rock titled: Why Sendero Springs is Experiencing a Seller’s Real Estate Market. This was written during a time when there was scarce inventory on the MLS for available homes in the neighborhood.  If you look back at that article, you can see that average sales prices per square foot was $113.38 last summer.

Let’s fast-forward to today and see how prices of homes in Sendero Springs have fared from the time of my previous article.

Here are the latest MLS statistics for the Sendero Springs neighborhood:  There are 12 homes on the market for sale, 4 are pending, and there have been 10 homes that have sold in the last 90 days in Sendero Springs with an average price per square foot of $119.58.

MLS Stats - Sendero Springs Round Rock TX March 2015

As you can see, based on this MLS data home prices are up about 5.46% in Sendero Springs in less than one year!

In competitive markets like this, it is critical for buyers and sellers to hire someone who understands the local real estate markets. To schedule an appointment to see a home in Sendero Springs, or if you have any questions about the current values for homes, please be sure to contact me today!


Austin MLS Months of Inventory as of October 2010

Below is a chart showing the months of inventory of homes on the Austin MLS as of October 2010:

Area Months Inventory
2 9.4
3 8.9
4 12.3
5 16.8
6 8.5
7 5.8
9 13.7
11 7.0
10N 7.2
10S 9.7
1A 8.0
1B 8.8
1N 7.1
2N 6.5
3E 15.5
5E 6.3
8E 12.4
8W 16.2
BA 9.0
BL 8.5
BU 29.1
BW 14.9
CC 17.4
CLN 7.8
CLS 7.5
CM 27.7
DT 17.8
EL 6.5
FC 22.0
GP 5.0
GTE 14.3
GTW 9.1
GZ 9.0
HD 8.8
HH 8.7
HS 11.9
HU 6.2
HW 16.5
JA 13.8
LH 7.2
LL 33.0
LN 12.9
LS 10.3
LW 24.8
MA 5.5
MC 23.7
N 10.3
NE 9.7
NW 5.3
OT 19.3
PF 8.3
RN 8.0
RRE 6.4
RRW 8.0
SC 12.1
SE 4.7
SH 5.0
SV 18.8
SWE 6.5
SWW 3.8
TCT 16.2
UT 12.6
W 5.3
WE 5.8
WW 11.5


To calculate months of inventory, we take the number of homes that sold in each MLS area and divide it by the current inventory of available homes in that area.

This information was provided to us by Gracy Title.